Seed Lab Technologies

Empower your seed lab with Aginnovation's cutting-edge technologies. From precision treatment and coating to advanced drying and analysis tools, our solutions ensure optimal seed quality and performance.

Precision Treatment & Coating

Equip your seed lab with cutting-edge technologies for accurate treatment and coating applications. Deliver tailored seed protection and enhancements with our precision solutions.

Seed Drying

Optimize your seed lab's drying processes for superior results. Our seed drying technologies ensure consistent moisture control, essential for maintaining seed quality and viability.            

Seed Analysis

Empower your seed lab with our advanced analysis tools. Uncover critical seed quality metrics with our comprehensive suite of seed analysis technologies, designed to deliver the insights you need.

Precision Seed Treating & Coating

Rotary 4

The Rotary 4 provides precise seed treatment and coating capabilities for research and trial samples. 

Rotary 6

 The Rotary 6 offers precise seed treatment and coating options for larger research samples and comprehensive trials.  

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Seed Drying

Green seed mixed with white drying beads.

Drying Beads®

Drying Beads® offer a revolutionary seed drying technology, rapidly absorbing moisture at any temperature for fast and efficient drying of small seed lots or research samples. This renewable, non-toxic solution optimizes seed viability, shelf life, and is ideal for pre-DNA extraction drying. 

A drybox container with drying beads contained within it.


The Dry Box® & Dry Store® system provides a smart and simple solution for seed storage and drying. Utilizing revolutionary Drying Beads® technology, this system offers fast drying at any temperature, optimizes seed viability, and features a built-in digital meter for monitoring humidity and temperature. 

A programmable lab seed dryer.

Programmable Lab Seed Dryer

The Programmable Lab Seed Dryer offers precise drying control for laboratory samples and research trials. With programmable protocols, temperature and humidity monitoring, and customizable settings, it ensures optimal drying conditions for various seed types and research applications. 

Seed Analysis

A seed scope camera mounted on a table.

Seed Scope Lab

Seed Examination Equipment provides enhanced video magnification for detailed seed morphology analysis. With its high-resolution imaging, intuitive controls, and non-destructive operation, it's an essential tool for quality control labs and seed production facilities. 

A temperature controlled thermnogradient table.

ThermoGradient Table

ThermoGradient Tables offer a controlled, field-simulated environment with precision temperature control for seed, biological product, and plant health research. These tables facilitate year-round testing of germination, stress response, and growth vigor, empowering you with reliable data for product development. 

A seed analyzer used for multispectral imaging analysis.

Videometer Seed Analyzer

The Videometer Seed Analyzer employs advanced multispectral imaging and analysis for comprehensive seed assessments. Its powerful software and versatile capabilities support applications in seed health, treatment and coating, phenotyping, vigor measurement, and sorting analysis. 

A VIM analyzer used for germination and vigor analysis.

VIM Technology

VIM Technology offers in-depth seed germination and vigor analysis, assessing individual seed respiration for detailed insights. This powerful tool supports applications in seed quality control, breeding, research, treatment analysis, and storage life prediction.

A CF mobile system used for chlorophyll content measurements.

CF Mobile

The CF Mobile system provides quick, precise chlorophyll content measurements for individual seeds, aiding in harvest decisions and storability assessments. Designed for field and warehouse use, its non-destructive analysis and intuitive touch-screen operation offer valuable insights into seed maturity and quality. 

A seed flow meter with seed flowing through it.

Seed Flow Meter

The Lab Flow Tek seed flow meter accurately assesses seed flowability in lab settings, helping identify potential flow issues caused by treatments or environmental factors and ensuring optimized coating development and application. 

A large sized seed flow meter with a bucket of red seed beneath it.

Seed Flow Meter - Large

The large-scale Seed Flow Meter provides accurate and reliable flowability testing for treated or coated seed in production sites and R&D labs. Its adjustable design and ease of use streamline testing and support formulation optimization.

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