Performance Data: Proven Yield Protection in Seed Treatment

Explore our seed treatment data and insights, to see firsthand how SeedWorx™ polymers consistently protect yield and better enable the performance of your seed treatment packages.

AgInnovation's SeedWorx™ polymers are engineered to outperform the competition, delivering superior results for seed treatment and coating applications. 

Our rigorous testing and research have consistently demonstrated exceptional yield protection, as well as improvements across key areas such as adhesion, dust-off control, germination, seed flowability, and plantability. 

The Bottom Line?
High Quality Polymer Protects More Yield

Red polymer coated wheat seed.

SeedWorx™ Polymers: Proven Protection in Wheat Yield

We put our SeedWorx™ polymers to the test against the competition. The results speak for themselves – see how our polymers can protect your wheat yields.

Chart and 3 bushel acre text

The Proof is in the Pod

Our SeedWorx™ polymers deliver unmatched adhesion for soybean seed treatments, ensuring active ingredients stay where they belong – on the seed. This superior adhesion translates to proection of yields, with field trials demonstrating an average gain of >3 bushels per acre.

Image of corn and dust-off.

Less Dust, Increased Performance

Curious how our polymers outperform the competition? The numbers don't lie. We have the data to prove our polymers deliver less dust-off and better performance.

SeedWorx™ Polymers: Proven Protection in Wheat Yield

In the spring of 2024, field trials across three locations were performed to evaluate the performance of our SeedWorx™ 4037L and Stix Lite polymers on wheat crops. The results were compelling, demonstrating a clear advantage over a leading competitor's polymer.

Our trials revealed a consistent elevated yield of 1.1 to 1.7 bushels per acre for wheat treated with our SeedWorx™ polymers, compared to the competitor's product within the same conditions. This difference was observed across all locations, showcasing the reliability and adaptability of our formulations.

The superior performance of SeedWorx™ 4037L and Stix Lite can be attributed to their unique properties, including enhanced adhesion, improved seed flowability, and optimized nutrient delivery. These characteristics promote healthier plants and ultimately contribute to greater yields.

For wheat growers, this data translates to a tangible increase in profitability. By choosing SeedWorx™ polymers, you can unlock the hidden potential of your wheat crop and maximize your return on investment. Explore the chart below for a breakdown of the trial results.

4037L & Stix Lite on Wheat vs Competitor Polymers

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The Proof is in the Pod

Unlock the full potential of your soybean crop with SeedWorx™ 4037L polymer. Our field trials demonstrated a significant yield advantage of 3.6 bushels per acre when 4037L was added to standard seed treatment actives. 

By maximizing the adhesion and delivery of active ingredients, SeedWorx™ 4037L enhances seed protection, promotes early plant vigor, and ultimately drives higher yields. This translates directly into increased profitability for your operation. Explore the chart to see the data for yourself and experience the SeedWorx™ difference in your fields.

Protecting Yield with 4037L Polymer on Soybean

Less Dust, Increased Performance

Previous dust-off studies, often conducted under ideal conditions, may not accurately reflect real-world application challenges. Inconsistent powder dosing, imprecise metering, and customer preferences for higher application rates can all contribute to increased dust-off. 

Our commercial trials reveal the stark difference between SeedWorx™ 4037L and competitor polymers. The commercial sample tested produced 18 times more dust than our 4037L formulation, and exceeded the ESTA limit by 0.22 grams per 100,000 seeds. Adhesion in seed treatment matters.

Even compared to a competitor under ideal lab conditions, SeedWorx™ 4037L demonstrated a 5.4x reduction in dust-off. Choose SeedWorx™ 4037L for superior dust control and regulatory compliance.

The data presented on this page is based on internal testing and research conducted by Aginnovation or Aginnovation partners. Results may vary based on specific conditions and usage. Performance metrics are derived from controlled trials, and competitor performance data is sourced from private information. These results are indicative of performance under specific conditions, and actual performance may vary. Aginnovation does not guarantee similar results under different conditions and is not liable for any claims arising from the use of this information. Comparisons are made against average competitor performance based on industry standards and available data.

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