Track & Trace Solutions

Safeguard your seed investments and enhance quality control with AgInnovation's Track & Trace Solutions. Our advanced technologies, IntelliSeed and BaseMark, provide robust protection against counterfeiting, streamlined inventory management, and efficient verification.

The intelliseed analyzer, used for seed inventory and protection.


Combining multiple methods to identify seeds, the IntelliSeed system provides robust seed protection and enhanced quality control with the following features:

  • Advanced Anti-Counterfeiting Technology: Prevents counterfeiting, product diversion, and false warranty claims.
  • Precise Measurement Readings: Ensures accurate application efficacy and quality verification.
  • Portable Verification: Conduct field, plant, customer, or distribution chain checks.
  • Increased Stewardship: Improves inventory tracking and reduces unwarranted claims.

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A basemark measuring tool used for confirming seed ownership.


BaseMark offers a straightforward and reliable way to protect your seed investments.

  • Seamless Integration: Additives blend seamlessly into your seed coating process.
  • Easy Detection: Verification with a special reading device under a specific wavelength.
  • Rapid Identification: Quick responses for addressing claims and confirming seed ownership.
  • Convenient Verification: Check authenticity in the field, seed plant, customer location, or along the distribution chain.
  • Powerful Deterrent: Discourages counterfeiting and strengthens brand protection.
  • Reduced Claims and Improved Trust: Minimize unwarranted claims and boost customer confidence.
  • Enhanced Tracking: Streamline inventory management and returns.

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