Aginnovation OMRI Listed® Products for Organic Seed Treatment

What is OMRI?

The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) is a non-profit organization that independently reviews products intended for use in certified organic production, handling, and processing.

AgInnovation's OMRI Listed® seal ensures our products meet the USDA National Organic Program standards. For more information on OMRI Listed®  products and the Organic Materials Review Institute, visit

OMRI Listed® Products

We offer a range of field-tested and extensively researched seed coating polymers to help your organic crops reach their full potential.

Seedworx™ Organic Blue Powder Colorant
Seedworx™ Organic Green Powder Colorant

Our OMRI Listed® blue and green powder colorants are specifically formulated for organic seed treatments and coatings, offering exceptional performance.

Seedworx Organic Blue OMRI Certificate  

Seedworx Organic Green OMRI Certificate

Seedworx™ Bio SA 

Designed specifically all crops apart from corn and wheat, Bio SA incorporates an optimized set of two Bacillus strains in to protect plant yield. This innovative product ensures that inoculants remain firmly attached to seeds throughout the treating process, which enhances inoculant survival and effectiveness. 

Target Use: Soy, Wheat, Alfalfa, and other crops apart from corn.

Product Information
Seedworx Bio SA OMRI Certificate

Seedworx™ Bio MA

Bio MA is a cutting-edge polymer tailored for corn and wheat, enriched with two unique strains of Bacillus to enhance yield. Its advanced formulation ensures that inoculants adhere robustly to seeds during treatment, preserving the vitality and effectiveness of the inoculants. 

Target Use: Corn

Product Information
Seedworx Bio MA OMRI Certificate