• Speciality Projects

  • Seed Treatments

  • Biologicals, Additives

  • Seed Enhancement

  • Seed Coating and Pelleting

Specialized Support

Total assistance of top professionals in every subject to reach

goals in an efficient and effective manner.


  • Guidance on new projects and challenges

  • Evaluation of new seed treatments, biologicals and additives

  • Quickly position your company with current and new seed technology best practices

  • Speed up product to market with 360° view of seed technology goals

  • Direct connection with top seed technology professionals

  • Investigate value of new products and innovative seed quality and vigor tools


Areas of Research

  • Seed Treatment and Coating Formulations

  • Seed Disinfection

  • Seed Upgrading

  • Seed Quality and Vigor Analysis

  • New Technologies Development and Assessment

Effective and focused Innovation

Access to top professionals and academics using the most

modern tools.


  • Speed up product to market in a safe and tangible manner

  • Thoroughly investigation of value of new seed quality and vigor tools before adoption

  • Keep company ahead with added value to seed beyond market basic standards

  • Access to large network of seed technology professionals

  • Seed stewardship


  • Up-to-date training on seed technology issues

  • What's new and upcoming

  • Ready to guide to secure successful investments & decisions

  • Linked to seed technology networks

Making the difference

The International Seed Academy has the mission to provide to the

seed industry professionals the possibility to acquire not only a

thorough knowledge on current and upcoming methods in seed

technology, but also to provide the necessary training and experience.


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