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Cereals & Grains

Focusing on what is critically important for anyone treating cereals and small grains, it’s getting the right balance between the application process, seed treating equipment and capacity to produce a “gold standard” product.  We understand this balance granularly as our core business is basic in providing seed treatment inputs such as polymer and colorants and seed treating equipment.  Our experience not only focuses on the needs of each individuals situation but the know-how of getting complex seed treatments onto cereals and small grain seeds optimizing dust-off reduction, enhanced wet and dry flow and appearance of the finished product.  Our teams are ready to provide a balanced perspective and help stand by your side as your seed treating resource experts.


With an extensive background in vegetable seed treating, coating and enhancements our teams can help guide through the complexities of seed technologies available to vegetable seed producers / processors.  Within the vegetable seed technology offerings, we can provide seed treatment, coating and drying equipment to meet the needs of conventional and organic processing.  With added technologies such as seed priming, upgrading and biological applications, Aginnovation can help expand your capabilities.  Our line of seed applied polymers and colorants range from conventional to organic with a clear focus of understanding rapidly changing regulatory needs

Oilseeds & Pulses

Crops with specialized needs such as oilseeds and pulses require knowledge of best practices for optimizing seed treating equipment and know how of the combinations of seed treatment actives with polymer and colorants. In addition many pulse crops are inoculated and tossing that into the mixture of treatments is no easy feat.  Aginnovation has some of the leading Bio Friendly polymer products for the pulse industry to ensure your inoculants stay on the seed and remain viable through the planting and early growth stage.  For oilseeds, the flow and appearance with low dust- off are key to optimizing performance at time of planting.  We are fully capable of assisting and supporting your needs when it comes to seed technology decision time.

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